A life without fear

Living on the edge, letting go and trusting life while having fun!

  • Become your true YOU!
  • Don’t hold back simply because you are scared!
  • Stop missing out on the best life and love have to offer.
  • Succeeding requires the strength and freedom to be who we are supposed to be.
  • The Society of Iceholes was created for cool people who want to confidently reach their goals, daring to go beyond their limits.
  • How deep you can surrender to life?
  • Join our growing community of fearless people who discover their true strength by braving ice cold waters in a unique atmosphere of togetherness and camaraderie.

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Why It Works

As you work with the instinctive fear and aversion to icecold water, you get in touch with your biological fear response. Mastering and letting go of this biological fear, you will change your mindset thus letting go of any stress or fearful situations in your everyday life.

Willpower: 4 common misconceptions

Adaptation to cold takes willpower Wrong!

Adaptation is a biological function. Your conscious mind can’t affect this. The only thing you can do is to relax to the degree that your body can recondition itself. You only need to relax.

The mind controls the body Wrong!

The body is doing fine, the only thing for your mind to do, is to get out of the way. You do this by learning to breath and to relax. Trust life and let go of your need to control. This will simply reprogram your whole system.

Relaxation is a passive state Wrong!

Relaxation means the least resistance to the current situation. You need to trust that life is going the right way. You do this by embracing whatever sensation or feeling you encounter and relaxation will follow..

Strength and performance takes willpower only partially true!

The biggest obstacles to performance are your self doubts. Your body can’t perform optimally if your mind is fighting an inner battle. Let go of doubts and fear and let yourself be reprogrammed to a different level!

Who is this for?

If you are like us, you enjoy exploring your human potential while having a hilarious time. You have realized that the stability of everyday life is grossly overrated because you have capacity for much more.

Throught the community of this membership site ,you will find challenges for adapting yourself to states beyond relaxation, stillness of the mind, courage of the spirit and cold-exposure beyond anything you imagined. The extreme cold-exposure will bring your health to a super charged state, along with a boosted immune system, better sleep, increased physical endurance and a mental steadiness you never experienced before.


To cool your mind, just sit down wherever you are. Stop doing and let yourself arrive to the present moment. Are you having a cup of coffee? Just enjoy that without projecting yourself into the next situation.
If you sit by an icehole, let yourself arrive here without thinking about the next step. Face any situation, stressful or not, without thoughts scanning the next possible moment.

Let yourself be for a moment, no need to act!

Program, REtreats & membership benefits

The society of iceholes is an invitation to take life with less seriousness and more courage and enjoyment. It’s about embracing the very mystery of life itself, the stillness, the wonder and the recognition that you have more capacity hidden within you.
We want to bring you from an ordinary life to states of super health, mental focus and wellbeing. We want to transform your life into a fearless one! Remember normal is overrated.
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My story

Ever since I finished my diploma at the Technical University in Helsinki and subsequently decided to study dance at the Theater Academy, I have regarded normal as grossly overrated. I started out on a journey of movement, breath, voice and touch, which has gradually led me into zero degree waters for prolonged periods of time. Brief moments in ice cold waters is beneficial for health and wellbeing. However any normal human being goes into a serious hypothermia after ten minutes of extreme cold exposure. I on the contrary find even half an hour as a promising start to explore the human potential for adaptation to any circumstances – enviromental, physical or mental.

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