Magnus Appelberg

My story

Ever since I finished my diploma at the Technical University in Helsinki and subsequently decided to study dance at the Theater Academy, I have regarded normal as grossly overrated. I started out on a journey of movement, breath, voice and touch, which has gradually led me into zero degree waters for prolonged periods of time. Brief moments in ice cold waters is beneficial for health and wellbeing. However any normal human being goes into a serious hypothermia after ten minutes of extreme cold exposure. I on the contrary find even half an hour as a promising start to explore the human potential for adaptation to any circumstances – environmental, physical or mental.

I wasn’t born like this. Before I embarked on a more radical life and professional route, I had the same ambitions and goals as anyone else. To study, to get a job, to build a career… As I came to my senses and took the direction to the performing arts, this naturally led me further into bodywork, meditation, hypnotherapy and Ashtanga yoga. Every step I have taken comes from the need to explore the inherent human potential. As I met Simon Borg-Olivier, a yoga teacher clearly thinking out of the box, I discovered a new immense potential for working with breathing and expanding the control we can all have on this fundamental omnipresent function.

Suddenly I found that this breathing work had changed my perception of ice cold water… I could stay in freezing waters a little longer for each time I tested myself.

Again I concluded that normal is grossly overrated! Today I explore the human capacity for adaptation to cold and how this transfers into a positive impact in our everyday life. Adapting to extreme circumstances teaches the mind that there is no need to burden ourselves with needless inner struggles or resistance.

Embrace life as it is! Self-doubt, fear, hesitation and limits will evaporate helping you embrace your full potential as a human being.

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