How It Works

How It Works

By embracing cold temperatures, no matter how challenging it is, you will rapidly adapt to a new level to handle ever increasing lower temperatures. It’s pure biology, we just create the right circumstances for the body to adapt itself to new levels of cold-exposure beyond your belief.

This teaches the mind that stressful situations can be overcome with the same mindset you need for the adapting to cold temperatures. It allows you to free yourself from self-doubt and self-imposed limitations. It will rock your world! You will find that your everyday life improves with much improved levels of courage, health, peace of mind and a better ability to handle relationships.

Prior to cold-exposure, we together prepare by calming the body down in a peaceful way to make it possible to maintain these qualities in the cold water. This increases your capacity to adapt to cold water beyond any prior pre-conceived idea you might have. It teaches your mind to stop fighting and simply let go.

Everything is possible as soon as you stop doubting yourself and let yourself relax beyond any previous experience.

The cold will be your laboratory for personal growth and assist you in creating a new mindset for an awesome life. It’s like making a deposit of great stillness in your mind and then reap the interest yielded by this newfound calm to go forward to reach exponential levels.

Breath, relax and embrace whatever life brings you!

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