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Our goal

Is to bring you from an ordinary life to states of super health, mental focus and wellbeing. We want to transform your life into a fearless one! Say goodbye to stress, anxiety and self doubt. Let yourself be guided by love and compassion that is pouring out in a constant stream.
Remember normal is over rated.




There is stuff for everyone and great programs to hit the next level!

There are live events every year for you to meet with other iceholes to celebrate the mysteries of cold, stillness and belonging together. We will discuss central subjects to the cold exposure like safety, hypothermia, breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, yoga, meditation and whatever that’s in season. You can ask questions.

As a member of the society of ice holes you will have access to the membership site in where you’ll find the 8 weeks online course to help you reach the next level of being your truly you.

Here you can also post questions and comments for me to answer.


Don’t be an icehole alone, join us in a life without fear!

Society of Iceholes helps you to say goodbye to stress, anxiety and self-doubt. 

  • Self doubt kills your energy.
  • Stress is a slow killer.
  • Lack of sleep is a fast killer.
  • Anxiety takes the joy out of your life.
  • Lack of mental clarity keeps you stuck in one place.
  • Worrying about small things eats your daily energy.
  • Frequent flues hold you back.
  • Chronic pain kills you mentally.

Our 8-week online program will transform you!

  • Encounter stressful situations in a cool manner.
  • Say goodby to self doubt and anxiety.
  • No more fear
  • Feel the joy of being.
  • Stay well and healthy, boost your immune system.
  • Sleep like a baby.
  • Increase you metabolism.
  • Increase your vitality and energy levels.
  • Set new goals in life

In the 8-week online program you learn why it’s so important to step into your zone of uncomfort to grove as a human being:

  • Reclaim your inner power and potential
  • The inner resistance is the only thing between you and your true potential
  • Rid yourself of your inner resistance by addressing your general fear response
  • The general fear response is on the physical level the same as your body’s cold response.
  • You will learn less known secrets of breath.
  • You will take control of your autonomic nerve system.
  • You will truly learn how to relax.
  • You will work safely with the cold response instead of expose yourself to scary situations.
  •  Result comes from consistency, take action!

Start by defining your category. Are you…?

  • Afraid of cold temperatures?
  • Used to ice swimming (what about meditating in the cold?)
  • Nutcase and beyond ( what is beyond beyond?)

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