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There is stuff for everyone and great programs to hit the next level!

There are several live events every year for you to meet with other iceholes to celebrate the mysteries of cold, stillness and belonging together.

As a member of the society of ice holes you will every month have access to group calls, once a month in Finnish and once a month in English, where we will discuss central subjects to the cold exposure like safety, hypothermia, breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, yoga, meditation and whatever that’s in season.

Additionally, you will be able to ask questions. All sessions will be recorded and available on the membership site. Four times a year there will be a live event in Helsinki to which you will get a 50% discount as well as “bring a friend” for free.

Our goal

Is to bring you from an ordinary life to states of super health, mental focus and wellbeing. We want to transform your life into a fearless one!
Remember normal is over rated.

Retreats & Membership

Weekend Retreat Program

Membership Benefits

The weekend retreats are about being yourself more than ever felt or been able to be. You will befriend yourself with the ice-cold water many times during the day and develop your ability to adapt to cold temperatures. Your self-awareness will also rise to a significantly higher level. You will expose yourself to movement, breathing, holding your breath techniques, deep relaxation, stillness and the ice-cold water. All this will happen in the beautiful surrounding of the Finnish nature. You will feel rejuvenated, peaceful, relaxed and have a sense of satisfaction with the knowledge that you are great the way you are.

In the membership area, you will find:

  • Scientific resources regarding the health benefits of adapting to cold water temperatures, different breathing technics with a focus on breath holding, floating and relaxation. Interviews of cool people in the frontline of physical and mental health.
  • Learn super useful skills for handling adaptation to cold water temperatures and stress:
    Breathing – Relaxation – Pain Relief – Stillness of the Mind – Body Awareness – Body Alignment
  • You will have numerous programs to choose from:

    • Super relaxation
    • Breathing for preparation to the cold or any other stressful situation
    • Meditations for Increasing Body Awareness
    • Cold Resistance
    • Acceptance and Self Knowledge
    • Invincible Mindset
    • Sleep Like a Baby
    • Stay Cool in any Situation
Start by defining your category. Are you…?

  • Afraid of cold temperatures
  • Used to ice swimming
  • Nutcase and beyond

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